Customer loyalty is a very fickle thing indeed! All it takes for a well-respected company, such as a smartphone manufacturer or distributor, to lose customer trust is a few defective or sub-standard products. Once a customer experiences a non-compliant product, such as a broken cell phone LCD or cracked device screen, they’ll never trust their retailer or distributor again.

Building user trust is essential if you are a seller, distributor or dealer of iPhones and related accessories. It is also the key to success if you are involved in 3rd party manufacturing and assembling activities for those products. And that’s why sourcing the right Apple parts is of paramount importance.

So, how does one balance these two priorities?

Building reliable sourcing partnerships

The short answer is: Partnerships!

With great partnerships in place, businesses can build highly responsive and mutually beneficial supply chains. And the key to creating efficient and cost effective supply chains, is to source industry leaders to become partners.

Manufacturing is a complex process. But high-quality manufacturing goes beyond simply being a process. It is part art and part science combined. Unfortunately, few iPhone parts suppliers see it that way. And the reasons are clear:

  • If Apple product manufacturers, distributors or repair and refurbishing companies wish to “succeed” in business, they believe reducing cost is essential

  • In the process of reducing costs and improving margins, businesses often trade-off quality

Since parts and components are the largest element of any Apple product, businesses believe that is where cost-cutting brings the biggest return on investment (ROI). Unfortunately, nothing can be further from the truth than that! Cutting corners when sourcing Apple parts is likely to drive ROI down instead of driving it up.

Companies of all sizes, that are involved in the customer confidence-building business, are addressing these challenges by building solid partnerships with reliable and trusted parts manufacturers like iPhone LCD. The result is that you can have both your challenges addressed:

  • Thanks to the superior quality of parts used, your end users will have fewer complaints. That’ll reinforce their loyalty to your brand

  • Because of the manufacturers’ strong commitment to customer service and good manufacturing practices, you (the Apple product repair shops, distributors, those who refurbish Apple products and 3rd party device makers) can count on an endless supply of high-quality iPhone parts  

Whether you deal in a single line of Apple products – like the latest version of their smartphone (the iPhone 11 Pro Max), or whether you carry legacy Apple iPhones in your inventory; having a consistent supply of high-quality parts is essential.  When products fail, either due to a manufacturing defect, or break as a result of user mishandling, customers always look to their trusted device provider to address the issue. Without having a trustworthy parts supplier as your partner, it’s unlikely you’ll have access to the superior Apple parts you need to maintain your customer’s trust.   

The advantage of building a sound business partnership with a well-reputed Apple device component manufacturer pays huge dividends in the long term too. It assures consistency in the quality of the parts you use to repair, refurbish or repurpose Apple products. And if there’s one secret to building and maintaining customer loyalty – its consistency.

Invest time in sourcing your parts supplier

So, what characteristics should you look for in the ideal iPhone parts manufacturer, and why do those qualities matter? Well, let’s address the second part of that question first – why certain characteristics in a parts maker matter. Here’s why:

  • Business decisions revolve around key performance indicators (or KPIs). If the outcome of a decision doesn’t deliver the KPIs you are interested in achieving, you’ll likely not invest in that project. The same is true when it comes to assessing the suitability of an Apple device parts manufacturer as a suitable business partner. If they don’t possess the characteristics you are looking for, you should not do business with them. It’s that simple!

  • The qualities you evaluate in your Apple parts manufacturing partner can typically tell you whether the partnership is bound for success in the longer term.  That’s because successful partnerships usually result from shared values. So, if a potential business partner does not share the priorities and values that you do – such as honesty, integrity, commitment to deadlines – in the short term, chances are that your association with that enterprise will also be short lived

  • Incompatible partnerships often fail in the long run. Screening a parts supplier for key compatibility characteristics now, before you establish longer-term relationships, can save your business from disappointments in the long term. A parts maker with little or no track record, for example, may lead you to disappoint your own customers because of missed deliveries, poor parts quality etc. So, why not screen prospective partners before you make them part of your supply chain?

And for these reasons, and many other financial, brand management and business and industry specific ones, it’s vital that companies invest the time in sourcing the right iPhone parts manufacturer to do business with. In the short run, that effort might seem like too much of an overhead for a company. However, because that partnership has a direct impact on the satisfaction levels of your own customers, the effort will pay huge dividends in the long term.

What to look for in your iPhone parts supplier

And now to answer the second part of your question – the one about the qualities you must look for when sourcing a parts manufacturer:

  • Who are they? Never trust someone with little “brand recognition” to be your Apple parts supplier.  Look for someone with an established track record and existing base of satisfied customers

  • How long have they been around? Given that your customers rely on you to remain in business for a very long time, it only makes sense that your partners should have been around for some time too. Don’t risk working with a start-up business – even if they offer you rock bottom prices

  • What manufacturing facilities do they have? Don’t source your iPhone parts from someone who sources them from a third-party manufacturer. Instead, keep your supply chain short by partnering with original part manufacturers. If they don’t have factories, plants and manufacturing equipment, it’s probably not worth partnering with them

  • What quality can they deliver? This is the most crucial test of them all! If your parts manufacturer proudly claims to have a defect rate of “under 3%” – that’s a red flag. Look for someone with a sub-1-percent defect rate

  • Do they have industry accreditations? Industry peers always recognize quality. Before you ink a partnership deal with your Apple parts manufacturer, check what industry accreditations they have. Ask if they possess internationally recognized manufacturing certification standards

  • How do they fare on pricing? While pricing isn’t everything, you are in business to make money – so pricing does matter. When your suppliers charge you higher than normal prices, it impacts your margins and your bottom line. So, before building a formal partnership, make sure your prospective parts supplier has a competitive pricing structure, well defined payment terms and convenient returns policy

These are just a few of the question’s businesses must ask before establishing longer-term partnership deals with their parts suppliers. Make them part of your broader due diligence checks when evaluating prospective iPhone parts manufacturers with whom to do business with.

It’s your call!

If you are looking for a trusted source to supply you a range of parts and components for your Apple range of products, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, at iPhone LCD, we’re proud to say that we meet, and even exceed, on every one of these characteristics.

We’ve been in business for over a decade, earning the trust of our customers each day. We are proud of the fact that we’ve sold over 4-million iPhone LCD screens in 2019 alone. And that should give you an idea of our brand recognition.

And, we don’t subcontract our core manufacturing capabilities to others. With 3,000m2 of production facilities, 6 state-of-the-art production lines and a daily output capacity of between 50K and 60K units, we’ve demonstrated our ability to continuously manufacture and deliver Apple parts in volume and at scale to our customers.

As a reseller, repairer or someone who refurbishes, distributes or markets iPhones and components, you need a partner who stands by the components you use. We back every product that comes off our production facilities. That’s why we offer lifetime warranties on all the screens our customers buy from us.

So, how can we afford to offer such a comprehensive warranty program? Simple: We trust the quality of our workmanship and manufacturing practices. What’s the proof of that? With millions of iPhone parts manufactured to date, we have a less than 1% failure rate. And that’s why we confidently offer lifetime warranties on our screens.

The fact that we have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, and are a R2 (Responsible Recycling) manufacturer should give comfort to our prospective partners that we mean business.