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    With the deep understanding of customer needs within mobile phone aftermarket business, our factory has been dedicating itself to be the industry benchmarking of quality control.Every screen from is 100% strictly tested by our specialized QC team. This is our promise for customers and we are confident with our products, because we take "Quality Above All" as our producing and testing principle all the time.

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    Customer service is our top priority. Our company mission is to have all our customers experience true service during the moments we serve them and the cornerstone of our core values is to always provide GOOD customer service.The expectation of our customers inspires us to spare no effort to improve customer satisfaction through every details of our services, nothing more beyond that..

  • In-depth Industry Knowledge has over 10 years’ experience in the wireless parts supply chain industry which let us know your needs better.From Enterprise level remanufacturers, to independent repair facilities, to network carriers, we can serve you.As a technology-oriented manufacturer, is not only a producer of iphone LCD, but also an solution expert.

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Buy iPhone Screens at Wholesale Prices

If you are a retailer or wholesaler of iPhones, or a leading telecom carrier or re-manufacturer of Apple products, then chances are that your phone has been ringing off the hook with complaints from customers. Not that it’s your fault, but the chief complaint from more than 50 million users has been about iPhone screens. Broken, cracked, damaged, shattered screens. Replacing those screens has cost over $34 billion! It’s time to buy wholesale iPhone LCD screens at lower prices, and pass on the savings to your customers!

Your Source for Buying iPhone LCD Wholesale

It’s a fact that the iPhone screen is likely it’s most vulnerable feature. And unless those screens contain high-quality liquid crystalline materials, they’re likely to become damaged. Studies show that there are several reasons why those screens break, crack and fall apart:

  • 74% from falls to the ground
  • 49% as a result of falling into water or other liquids
  • 38% from falling off a counter-top or a table
  • 26% fall into toilets, causing damage to the LCD
  • 22% pop out of bags and totes, ending up with damage to the LCD screens

So, what happens next? Customers quickly call their carrier, retail or whole sale distributor, and demand a replacement. And, unless you (the seller) have a dependable wholesale iPhone LCD supplier, chances are your business will have to bear the cost of those replacements. Now what do you do? You can’t afford to constantly replace LCD screens and still expect your company to survive and thrive. So, what can you do?

You need an iPhone LCD screen wholesale manufacturer you can trust and rely upon to support you through such times. Well, guess what – you just found that source right here at iPhone LCD! Our core values of constantly pushing boundaries, working with integrity, serving clients with humility and taking a proactive approach to problem solving, gives us a competitive edge over all our industry peers.

Why Pick Us as Your Partner for Wholesale iPhone Screens?

One word: Specialization! For over ten years, we’ve specialized in the manufacture and assembly of LCD screens and other components of Apple’s flagship devices. We’ve invested heavily in two factories in China, and equipped them with state-of-the art LCD screen manufacturing equipment and technology.

Our core strength is in producing LCD screens for a wide range of Apple iPhones, tablets and Macs. We serve as a key ally in the wireless parts supply chain, and that gives us deep insight into our customer’s needs. So, by picking us as your go-to supplier of iPhone parts wholesale from China, you just can’t go wrong. And, with a strong team of 400-plus engineers, product designers and technicians to back you, you’ll be in safe hands!

And oh, in case we didn’t mention it earlier: It doesn’t matter whether you are a small-to-medium independent facility, a national network carrier or an enterprise level re-manufacturer of Apple products. With iPhone LCD.Net as your iPhone LCD wholesale partner, you’re always guaranteed to receive the highest quality products for the lowest price available anywhere. Because that’s how we earn our customer’s trust!

But…there’s more to working with us.

Key Reasons to Get Your Supply of iPhone Screens Wholesale from Us

We’ve told you about our commitment to highest quality standards. We’ve also explained why we offer the lowest price available on the wholesale market – it’s all about trust. But our customers don’t just shop with us because of quality and price. They value many of the other benefits that our partnership offers:

  • Extensive array of Apple iPhone LCD screens and parts – from the 4-series to the most recent 11 Pro Max line
  • Broad variety of product grades, ranging from OEM to original refurb, to soft/hard OLED, Incell and Premium/standard after-market – we have you covered
  • Our wholesale iPhone LCD prices cut out the middleman – so our customers and yours reap the benefit
  • Our lifetime warranty policy gives customers stress-free assurance of product confidence
  • Low defect rate – less than 3% - offers confidence in our product quality
  • With our “Customer First” focus, you’ll receive the best customer experience anywhere
  • We guarantee international shipping anywhere in the world – right to your factory, office or warehouse

So, doesn’t that give you confidence that we are an iPhone LCD screen wholesale manufacturer and supplier that you can trust and rely upon? But that’s not all you’ll get with our partnership:

  • Are you looking for bulk supply? We carry over 100,000 pcs of inventory
  • Looking for expedited shipping? We can ship product within 3-days of order confirmation
  • Need someone to produce large orders? Our two facilities support 3000 square-meters of workshop, capable of daily throughput of 60K (4.7”) and 55K (5.5”)
  • Wondering about defective product returns? Don’t worry – our Lifetime Warranty policy has you covered. We have one of the most efficient, equitable and fair return policies in the industry. Our clients never get stuck with unwanted products because, in the rare case that a product is genuinely defective – we’ll act quickly to replace the order

And that’s the kind of unrivalled support you’ll get with each order you place with us. We are a professionally managed and operated organization, meeting and even surpassing the highest expectations of clients looking to source wholesale iPhone Screens globally. That’s why we have large clients, including wholesale importers, refurbish companies and insurance companies placing their trust in us. We are even proud of calling multi-national corporations like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile our valued customers.

Ready for Reliable wholesale iPhone LCD screens?

So, are you ready to make the switch to a reliable, trusted partner to source all your Apple iPhone parts and LCD screens? If you are, then just contact us today and let us help you make the switch. Your customers are looking to you for the best buying experience, especially when LCD screens seem to fail so often. Why not source iPhone parts wholesale from China and give them the benefit of high-quality parts and accessories at unbelievably low prices?

Make the switch and make iPhone LCD.Net your trusted ally. It’s good for your customers…but it’s even better for your bottom line!  

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