Whether you are a large iPhone distributor, a busy re-seller of the world’s most popular smartphone, or a retailer of iPhones, you probably know where the devices’ vulnerabilities lie: It’s the LCD screens! Because it comprises the largest exposed mass of the device, it is more prone to complaints and customer dissatisfaction that other components like, say, the charging ports.

So, if you are looking for iPhone screens wholesale, to support your large customer base when their OEM screens get scratched, cracked broken, you need to make some strategic sourcing decisions. Here are some secrets to help you get the most effective iPhone LCD screens available today.

iPhone screen vulnerabilities

There’s no doubt about it: In the iPhone, Apple has produced a stellar product. But no matter what anyone says, the device still has its problems. If you go to the online forums, there’ll be complaints about iOS, battery life and erratic Siri. However, there have also been calls for mass complaints about screen quality and wholesale iPhone screens replacements. And the reasons for this are many:

1) Though the screens of an iPhone are designed to last a long while, sometimes “user error” can cause them (the LCDs) to underperform to spec. This does not mean that the OEM (Apple) or their component suppliers have done a poor job. It just exposes the reality of life – “user error” can compromise even the best of device components

2) Even where users don’t “error” in using their iPhones, repeated use of the product can leave the largest exposed part of the device – it’s LCD screen – vulnerable to scratches. For example, an iPhone placed in a lady’s handbag, along with makeup kits, coins and other metallic objects – like nail clippers, files and tweezers – can cause scratches to the phones screen

3) Where the iPhone if a primary device of communication for tradespeople, putting the device in a workman’s tool bag is a sure recipe for disaster. Tools and other equipment in the tool kit often take their toll, resulting in the request of iPhone screens wholesale suppliers to replace or change the LCDs

4) It’s true that like most smartphones, the iPhone too can withstand the stress from “typical” drops and falls. However, sometimes, inadvertently, users might drop their devices from a considerable higher altitude. Typically, the devices might land on the screen, critically damaging it and rendering it useless

5) Often, the iPhone screen might not be vulnerable to the height of its fall, but to the structure of the surface on which it falls. A 20-foot fall onto a carpeted surface will likely not do any damage to the iPhone LCD screen. However, even a 5-foot tumble onto sharp-edged rocks, a pavement or metallic surface may do untold damage to the screen

6) This is an era of selfies, where iPhone users love to extend their devices beyond arm’s length to capture pictures and images. Often, they’ll use extension rods to click those selfies, and invariably the device slips and falls. The usual victim of such occurrences is the iPhone LCD  

There are numerous other situations that cause damage to the screens, and where manufacturers, marketers and distributors of the product seek wholesale iPhone screens. Parking the phone close to excessive heat-generating equipment, like furnaces and smelters for prolonged periods, is a prime example of such a situation. If the screen does not crack, it’ll warp or wilt as a result of such exposure.   

Additionally, if an iPhone user works in an environment where the use of the device exposes its LCD screen to harmful or corrosive chemicals, like Sulfuric acid, there is a very real danger that such exposure will destroy the screen. And if that doesn’t happen, at minimum the screen becomes blurry to an extent that viewing is impaired.    

Despite the much-touted strengths of the robustness and hardiness of iPhone LCDs, the search for iPhone screens wholesale replacement, by distributors and wholesalers is a reality. So, if you are looking for a reliable partner to provide you with high-quality iPhone LCD screens, then iPhoneLCD.Net is the right place to start your search.

Looking for iPhone LCD screen suppliers

When consumers are faced with iPhone screen issues, they descend on their device suppliers for a resolution. Why?

Firstly, even though the phone “works”, the device is no longer “fit for purpose”. They can’t take video calls. They can’t surf the net. They even can’t text message or dial a number or do online banking. And secondly, but most importantly, the reason that device suppliers face those demands is because the device might still be under warranty. It is therefore the supplier that must address the issue, and they (suppliers) may typically turn to their distributors for support.

Regardless of who addresses the issue, it’s apparent that a supply of wholesale iPhone screens is necessary. Buying the screens one at a time to address each customer support call is too costly and time consuming. Besides, when you have bulk complaints to deal with, individual orders will not do. You require a partner who can supply you these screens in bulk!

The key question is, what should you look for in your iPhone screens wholesale supplier, and how do you decide whom to partner with to meet all your iPhone LCD screen needs? Well, here’s a list of things for you to consider to make those decisions:

  • High quality: There’s no substitute to quality. When you sell the devices to your customers, they (your clients) expect you’ll provide them the highest quality products. So then, why wouldn’t you provide them similarly high-quality LCD screens for their iPhones? Your prospective iPhone LCD screen supplier must provide you high quality products

  • Bulk quantity: Some whole sale manufacturers and distributers consider “hundreds of units” to mean wholesale. However, when flooded with a high volume of customer demand, you need a partner who can support you with demand quantities in the thousands – if not hundred thousand

  • Variety: Not all your customers will have iPhone 4 series devices. And not every iPhone user uses the same model of the device. You’ll likely sell multiple models to various customers over time. If you must deal with several LCD screen suppliers to get various replacement screens, that’ll only add time and overhead cost to your support process. Make sure that the supplier of wholesale iPhone screens that you pick offers you LCD screens for variety of iPhones – from the 4-series up to and including the 11 Pro Max and beyond!  

  • Service and support: In times of high customer complaints of iPhone screens, it becomes a priority for distributors and suppliers to support their clients promptly. The last thing you need is to be reliant on a supplier of LCD screens that’s slow to respond to your support needs. So, before you sign-up with a wholesaler, verify that they have a customer-centric focus for service and support

  • Renowned brand: When making such a strategic decision, like partnering with a company for your wholesale needs, it behooves you to inquire whether your prospective business partner supplies products to other global brands. If they do, then you too can establish a relationship – hopefully one that flourishes over a long-term

  • Competitive pricing: It’s true that pricing matters – but don’t decide upon a relationship solely on pricing. Still, the wholesale partner that you select must offer highly competitive pricing so that you are able to continue to service your own customers without sustaining significant pricing pressures

  • Fair return policies: With millions of iPhone LCD screens manufactured, there’s bound to be a few defective products manufactured. Additionally, sometimes it’s possible to mix-up orders and have the wrong products ordered or shipped. Your iPhone screens wholesale supplier must have a fair returns policy in place so that you and your customers don’t have to stress about additional cost, delays or hassles when returning products to the manufacturer

Carefully screen prospective LCD screen manufacturers for each of these requirements before committing to any long-term relationship. Remember, all the above qualities work together to ensure there’s a seamless link between you, your product users and your wholesale partner. If you manage to get that relationship right, by choosing the right partner for wholesale iPhone screens, your own customers will enjoy their relationship with you, and that will keep them coming back for more products and services from you.

Making the decision

While you exercise diligence in selecting your partner for wholesale iPhone screens, you must remember one thing: Consumer electronics business is a fast-paced environment – you can’t afford to delay critical business decisions for too long. If you hesitate indefinitely, your competitors will quickly seize the opportunities that you left untapped!

We, at iPhoneLCD.Net, are proud to confirm that we meet all the above criterion for your perfect iPhone screens wholesale partner. Our manufacturing facilities produce the highest quality products, with a less than 1% defect rate – that’s significantly lower than our closest industry rivals. Our international shipping spans oceans and continents. We can ship anywhere in the world within three business days – which is quicker than you’ll find with other iPhone LCD screen manufacturers.

With over 3000M2 of modern and state-of-the-art equipped workshop space, we produce a whole range of iPhone LCD screens to the highest of manufacturing standards (OEM level). And if it’s bulk quantities that you are looking for, our 200,000 units of on-hand stock ensures that we are the number one provider of wholesale iPhone screens. To put that into context, consider the fact that we delivered over 4 million pieces of iPhone LCD screens in just a single year in 2019!

So why not reach out and contact us with your needs? If global multinational corporations like AT&T and leading Insurance companies place their trust in us, surely you can too!