As more and more China-made iPhone screens flow into the market, have you got confused by the various qualities and prices? In the previous post titled as “Cheaper or Poorer? An Overview of Chinese iPhone 6 Screens“, we emphatically introduce two Chinese full-fledged LCD panel vendors named JDF(BOE) and LT(IVO) in detail in respect of Appearance and Function. And it was followed by another article titled “Which is the most cost-effective China made iPhone 6 LCD?“  which made advanced analysis among 3 mainstream brands.

Today we have analyzed two kinds of iPhone 6 Tianma screens: Single IC Tianma Screen and Dual IC Tianma Screen. It’s for sure that you will get a clear understanding and knowledge of it by following along the way of distinguishing them as below.

The texture of flex cable is different

                           Tianma Single IC Screen                                                                Tianma Dual IC Screen

The flex of Dual IC Screen is longer than the Single one

                              Tianma Single IC Screen                                                              Tianma Dual IC Screen

Single IC and dual IC

                                 Tianma Single IC Screen                                                            Tianma Dual IC Screen

After using a period of time, Tianma Dual IC Screen is more stable than the Single IC Screen.

CONCLUSION: iPhone 6 Tianma Single IC screen and Dual IC Screen have high similarity in the appearance. Tianma Single IC Screen is relatively low in price, but not so stable as the Dual IC Screen after using a period of time. If you have any questions and demands, please feel free to comment here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.