China has been the hub for different types of mobile spare parts and accessories. The market in China is highly diverse. You can find from cheap quality products to products of highest standard of quality. Retailers from all over the world look towards China to source wholesale iPhone screens at decent prices and with an assurance of quality.

The question remains, how to find a reliable iPhone LCD screen wholesale supplier in China? IPhoneLCD is a known name when it comes to iPhone screens supplier. They are the authorized dealers selling this accessory with a guarantee at fair wholesale pricing.

Sounds good? You can get them imported irrespective of your company’s geographical location. In simple words, they ship worldwide. We have general tips for the same:

  • When you decide about importing iPhone LCD screens from China, select the wholesale dealer that has sufficed all the legal requirements.

  • The prices should be competitive, with no hidden charges.

  • Latest models should be available with iPhone screens wholesale China supplier.

  • Look out for customer reviews and testimonials to check out the authenticity of the online wholesale iPhone screens dealer.

  • After sales support should be readily available, quick customer care service in case of any concerns should be there.

  • The prices should not have major fluctuations as in wholesale market prices do not vary drastically.

  • The iPhone screens supplier should provide a proper user manual with the product.

  • Payment system should be secured and reliable.

  • Reliability and quality have to be ensured by the wholesaler.

  • Provision of smaller quantities should be available.

  • If you are from non-Chinese speaking country, the user manual should be available at least in English language to understand the procedure of installing the iPhone LCD screen.

  • Purchase only the brand new iPhone screens.

  • The touch glass is waterproof.

  • For safety, you can also check up on the order receipts.

  • The supplier should abide by their MA policy and have its details on their invoice.

  • Keep a safe distance from suppliers who offer both new and original iPhone LCD screens at bargain prices.

  • They should allow purchase of small quantity of samples.

  • Friendly and easy return policy.

Amidst so many suppliers of iPhone LCD screens in China, it is really difficult to know which one to trust. By following the above-given tips, you can purchase best and original products at genuine pricing.